What will I have to pay?

What will I have to pay for Home Care?

In some instances, you may be asked to contribute [to] the cost of your home care. This is determined by an income assessment that is completed by the Department of Human Services (DHS). If you are receiving a pension that has not been means tested or you are a self-funded retiree, you will need to lodge an income assessment form (SA456). As the assessment may take time, you are encouraged to complete an assessment before your care starts. The income assessment form can be found here.

You do not need to complete an income assessment form if you are paid a pension that has been means tested. Means tested pensions include:

  • Aged Pension
  • Disability Support Pension
  • Services Pension
  • Income Support Supplement.

You may also be asked to pay a Basic Daily Care fee from your home care provider and you may choose to pay additional fees to receive more care and support not covered by your package.


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